Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Wedding Day Idea Board

     Well I had this ugly old cork-board lying around, hidden behind my desk, and I decided - what better project for me to practice my crackle paint technique on? It wasn't as if the board could get any uglier. Plus, I really wanted a place to organize some of the cards and random wedding magazine clippings that were cluttering up my desk.

This was the ugly before.

Next I did about 4 coats of antique white paint.

I had a few issues with the crackle concoction. The lady a JoAnn's Fabric told me that I simply needed to apply one coat of crackle over the top of my last coat of paint before it was fully dry.... but this was not the case. Turns out, what you are supposed to do is do one coat of crackle over the top of your last dry coat of paint. Then, you are supposed to add another coat of contrast paint atop the layer of the crackle before it is all the way dry. Needless to say, the paint did not crackle. Still and improvement though.

Next, I found some wedding fabric to cover the cork with. I found some sheer white fabric with little clear sequins across it. The sheer was nice because you could still see the cork beneath the fabric. I cut the fabric to go over the edges of the board about 1.5inches and then used a butter knife and a hot glue gun to tuck the fabric under the boarder and secure it. 

I then took some ribbon, stretched it across the board, and tucked it under the boarder and secured it with hot glue as well.

Like so...

And Ta-Da! This was my finished product. Not quite what I had had in mind, but much better than the before picture. :) Plus, now my desk is clutter free.... sort of.

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