Sunday, November 21, 2010

* Christmas Crafts *

     This is the product of a lot of wine and a crafty night with the girls. These letter blocks were easy to make and turned out really cute. I want to make some of these letter blocks for Valentines Day and Easter this year too. 

     I went to JoAnn's (as usual) and purchased some of these unfinished wooden plaques and Christmas scrapbook paper. 

     Next I spray painted the plaques with quick drying American Accents (my paint brand of choice) paint in Espresso -

     After the paint dried, I picked five different pages of Christmas scrapbook paper and cut a rectangle - sized to fit the wooden plaques - out of each page. I then hot glued the rectangles of paper to the painted wooden plaques. Once they were all dry and secure, I used large, foam stamp letters to press a letter onto each block.

   Ta-Da! You're done! How easy is that? I would maybe recommend maybe finishing your blocks off with a clear seal coat though if you would like them to last a few years. 

     I think I may make a few of these for mine and Adam's wedding as well.... possibly for the cake table or to use a table numbers :) Enjoy!

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