Monday, August 30, 2010

Food for thought this week:

Godliness with contentment is great gain.  

1 Timothy 6:6

For we have brought nothing into this world and can take nothing out of it. 

My goal for this life: Be joyfully content. Enjoy where I am, as I am, and the people that love and surround me. Exude the love of Jesus. Give as generously as possible. For what do I have that I have not been given? Share the things that God has entrusted to me. Pray openly. Forgive quickly. Love extravagantly.  

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Date Night Idea ;)

Gather your classy red keg cups, blankets, beach chairs, a sweatshirt, pop some popcorn and poor some wine into a nonalcoholic beverage bottle so that you can smuggle it in with you like a teenager again!

Outdoor movie nights in your local park are not only fun, romantic and full of community, but also contribute their donations to a charity of choice normally. So, enjoy your date night, family night or solo time and be a do-gooder all while watching some classic movies from the comfort of your beach chair!

For this "PG date night" Adam and I went to Marymoor Park in Redmond and saw Princess Bride (Which is secretly one of his favorite movies). 

P.S. Well behaved dogs are allowed into the outdoor movie area at this park, so bring Fido with you for some fresh air and socialization!  :)

A Nice Walk Through Nature

Although I am terrible about consistently updating my blog, I have good intentions to keep it up-to-date each time I go on a blogging spree... which generally only lasts about a week. I think the problem is that when I really have exciting things in life to blog about, I am too busy to sit and blog about them. Anyhow, here goes my latest attempt to keep my blog fresh.

While those who know me would tell you that I am far more of a "fly by the seat of her pants" type of girl than I am a planner; I do have a knack for finding new, entertaining activities to take on during my free time.

This past week Adam and I both had Wednesday off, which is a rare occasion for us both to have the same day off right now, what with our out of the norm work schedules. Adam decided that we should indulge in one of our "PG date nights," as our friends call them. We often get teased for going on dates that any kid could easily mistake for a field trip.

We, as always, wanted to find something new to do. We got up early, got some coffee, packed up my pup, took the top off of Adam's Jeep and headed out to explore a new hike. Adam had heard that there was a hike just before Snoqualmie Pass that followed a creek and eventually ended at a big waterfall and swimming area.

Because Adam and I are both such non-planners, we of course, did not even really know which exit to take off of I90, how long the hike would take, if dogs were really allowed or if it really even existed. But, we found the trail with ease, dogs were welcome (on a leash of course), the hike was only about 2 miles each way, the scenery was beautiful, the trails were manicured, and the waterfall and swimming area at the end actually did exist!

I would highly recommend this hike to anyone. It is fairly easy and is a nice short hike for anyone with kids. There are a handful of spur trails that offer beautiful views of Denny Creek, and a few ancient, HUGE, trees that grace the trail along the way. Plus, the swim and waterfall at the end are perfect for cooling off on a hot day.

Getting there: From Seattle, take I-90 east to Exit 47 (before Snoqualmie Pass). Turn left at the stop sign, and cross to the north (left) side of the freeway. At the "T," stay right on Road No. 58, and pass Denny Creek Campground at about three miles. A short distance past the campground, turn left onto a .2-mile road (No. 5830).