Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Monday =)

Is it odd that after watching Madagascar this weekend, while stuck home sick with the flu, I decided that once I am feeling better I need this song on my ipod under my "get fit" mix? And I would like it to be this exact "lemur version" of the song. :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Hike of the Season

The funny thing about the "Seattle's always rainy" cliche is that it really isn't far at all from the truth. Adam, Kona and I got all geared up on our day off on Wednesday for a nice hike up to Rattle Snake Ridge. When  I woke up at about 9am on Wednesday it was sunny with blue skies and birds chirping.... but, by the time I finished my homework, got dressed, got coffee (and Adam got a smoothie) and we started our 10 minute drive to the base of the mountain... it had started to rain and big, slate grey clouds loomed over head. We decided, in true Seattleite fashion, to begin our hike in spite of the rain.

Because of the thick tree covering, the rain didn't bother us too much. We were pretty damp by the time we were done, but the hike and fresh air was well worth it. 

The hike isn't too tough. It was a good starting point for the year for an asthmatic ha. The top has some amazing views, but we stopped just before the top because it started dumping rain and the ridge up top is probably not the safest place to be when it's slippery. (A little boy fell off and died last year actually... not to deter you from the hike. Just be safe up top and don't let your kids climb around the ledge. YIKES).

This is the misty view from the look out just before the top.

My messy dog! He was loving life on the hike and has been asleep ever since we got home. He has an appointment at his doggy hair salon tomorrow! What a mess a white dog can be! :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cassidy, Cassidy Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow? :)

This is my little experimental patio garden. I am not a gardner by any means and have never been able to keep an indoor plant alive, but I thought I would try my luck at a potted garden this year. These are the beginnings of what has sprouted so far. (Hopefully my next post about the garden will not feature pictures of dead plants ha).

This is one of my tomato plants... I think this one is the Roma Tomatoes. I did plant a bit of basil in this pot as well.... but it died... hmmm. I think I may have crammed it in there too tightly or over watered it haha.

The first pot on the left is the tomato plant again, the next pot over is my new basil plant... I had to retry the basil since I killed the first basil plants that I had planted and I had been most excited about the basil because I cook with it a lot. Next to the basil is my strawberry plant! It already has a few green strawberries in blossom. I am hoping it produces enough for some strawberry angel food cake topping! On the very end I have some bib lettuce growing.... I think I may have enough for one salad eventually ... some of the lettuce kinda rotted while trying to grow so this is what's left of it.

Lettuce, Thyme, Oregano and Walla Walla Onions... I am going to have to repot the onions soon though since this planted box is too small to hold them all. (Like the cute pink gardening tools Adam got me? Perfect).

This is my other tomato plant... it has a cherry tomato plant and some type of big tomatoes too. We will see how it does. Susan told me to try feeding my tomatoes milk once in a while because they like the calcium... I don't drink milk... but I have been giving them some of my soy milk since it has calcium in it... we will see how they do hahahaha....

Baby strawberry... can't wait to eat it! YUM!

This is a tomato blossom... hopefully I actually grow some tomatoes at some point... we will see :)

More Crafts....

So, this is a little craft that I put together for Adam a while back. Ashley and I made these together (she made one for JJ) which was fun because as with most crafts, they take a lot longer than expected and it was nice to be able to be social while crafting haha. Mine and Adam's anniversary (Feb. 1st) falls really close to Valentine's Day so I wanted to make him something extra special. I decided on the date book. I made a book with scrapbooked pages that included a date for each month of the remaining year. Each page had a theme and most included some type of inexpensive gift card for that date. Here is a bit of the finished product:

This is the cover of the book. I got a cardboard cutout pages from the Mad Scrapper and traced my paper to fit each page, and then cut out the paper and glued them to the cardboard.
For the binding I went to an office supply store and bought some big rings, drilled holes through the pages and then clasped them all together.

These pages are all out of order because I can't figure out how to upload pictures correctly.. but this is September. We went to the Kite Festival last year and I thought it would be fun to go again. Last year Adam bought me a sweet Barbie kite, so the admit ticket in the pocket of the page is for one kite on me.

Adam is obsessed with Harry Potter.... I'm not such a big fan, so I thought it would be fun if I got him a prepaid movie card so that we could go to the opening night of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.

June is the camping page... I couldn't think of a fun gift card for this page, so I put a fishing hook in the page instead.

April was the Tulip Festival and you apparently can't pre-purchase tickets for that... so I made us some mix CDs for the drive. It was a very fun date day.... we brought Kona along for the ride too.
This page was a nit of a bust because we decided to postpone our Disneyland trip until June, but oh well! The Disney gift card is preloaded with Disney money and is "Good for Mickey pancakes in Disneyland."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Scrapbook Madness!!

Adam started this scrapbook for my 24th birthday and it has been a fun ongoing project ever since. He did the majority of the book... he is a bit craftier than I am :) It's fun to be able to look back on the book and reflect on some of the fun memories we have had thus far- from when we met in Chelan the Summer of 2008 until now. Here is a little bit of the book: