Thursday, November 18, 2010

Get a Heat Embosser!!!

Your next crafty purchase pre-holiday season is a heat embossing tool! You can get them for about $20 and they make any card look so much prettier!! My adorable and crafty cousin Molly mentioned heat embossing on her blog - KyleandMolly - and because her cards are always beautiful, I had to test one out for myself, and now I'm hooked! Here are a few of my creations/test trials so far...

Some little cards I made to send to all of my bridesmaids. 

Love using the embosser for sealing the back of envelopes. So easy to use.

Some little cards for teacher friends that helped to celebrate my birthday/engagement.

A card for Adam...

Even fun to use the embosser on the inside of the cards. This one is hard to see. Be sure to let the stamp cool before the card closes. 

Some cards that I made for friends that threw a birthday dinner party for me.

I am still learning and these cards were mainly just test runs to figure out how to use the heated tool, but they were fun to make. When I bought the embossing powder I tried to buy some sparkly powder that looked white with sparkles, but once the powders are heated they change colors a bit as the powder melts and the white sparkle powder became clear with sparkles - which was too light to see. I went to the store though and purchased a few more embossing powder colors and also some glitter glue to embellish my Christmas cards a bit. Oh, and Paper Source had a $0.99 stamp bucket.... and needless to say I took the opportunity to stock up on Christmas stamps (plus, you get 20% off if you sign up for their mailing list). What a deal! :) Here is my loot -

I'm telling ya, Paper Source in Tukwila.... get excited :)

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