Monday, September 28, 2009

Zimbabwe Schools

As I am watching this I can not imagine a). Having to share a text book with 13 students b). Not having enough pencils for the entire classroom (I just threw some out the other day when cleaning out my desk.... how wasteful am I) c). Not having a desk or chair d). Not having $24, $8 or even just $2 to attend school e). having to WALK MILES just to get to school f). paying for school with chickens or livestock because my family doesn't have the money..... the list goes on. Yet another example of just how fortunate we really are to live in America. Doesn't this make you want to somehow give or help?! It is my firm belief that education is a HUGE key component, quite possibly the single most important element in helping to pull people like those living in Zimbabwe out of SUCH poverty. It is crazy to think of what we consider "living in poverty" in the US to mean vs what "living in poverty" means in such struggling, war torn countries.

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