Monday, September 28, 2009

Philippines: Typhoon Ketsana

PHILIPPINES HAS HAD LOSS OF LIVES AND HOMES DUE TO KILLER TYPHOON KETSANA.  This poor woman lost her home and managed to salvage some of her clothing according to CNN.  She is seen here washing her clothing in water that is dirty and muddy.  How sad and tragic for these people.  I hope and pray things will have a speedy recovery.

A woman washes her clothes recovered from her house that was destroyed from the floods brought on by the continuous rains of Typhoon Ketsana, locally known as Ondoy, in the town of Pilila Rizal, east of Manila, September 28, 2009. The Philippines appealed for international aid to help tens of thousands marooned by flashfloods, and apologised for the delays in rescue efforts to avoid potential political fallout from the crisis. Apparently so far there are a reported 140 dead and over 300,000 people displaced from their homes. It is so sad when impoverished places like these face disaster when they already have so little to begin with. It makes me really appreciate everything that I have and every opportunity that I have been given the chance to pursue. I hope and pray that all of us are able to help those less fortunate than ourselves at some point in our lives, as we have all been undeservingly given SO MUCH MORE than most just by being born in the US.

Praying for the people in the Philippines and a speedy recovery.

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