Friday, October 2, 2009

Earthquakes in Indonesia

Most of this video was shot in Padang, The West Sumatran Capitol, which is very near the epicenter of the quakes. Padang is home to about 1 million residents and it has been said by the city's officials that most of the city's population, an estimated 90 percent, are still buried underneath the rubble.

There are so many countries dealing with the aftermath of these earthquakes, tsunamis and typhoons right now that it makes my heart hurt for them. I pray for the people living through these natural disasters that God gives their hearts strength to get through such despair of loss of life, family and entire cities; and also that they would be able to rebuild and find joy and perseverance through the helping hands of those reaching out to them. I just pray that God would show these survivors love in their time of need.

Again, we are so fortunate to live in the country that we do.

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