Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Crafts....

So, this is a little craft that I put together for Adam a while back. Ashley and I made these together (she made one for JJ) which was fun because as with most crafts, they take a lot longer than expected and it was nice to be able to be social while crafting haha. Mine and Adam's anniversary (Feb. 1st) falls really close to Valentine's Day so I wanted to make him something extra special. I decided on the date book. I made a book with scrapbooked pages that included a date for each month of the remaining year. Each page had a theme and most included some type of inexpensive gift card for that date. Here is a bit of the finished product:

This is the cover of the book. I got a cardboard cutout pages from the Mad Scrapper and traced my paper to fit each page, and then cut out the paper and glued them to the cardboard.
For the binding I went to an office supply store and bought some big rings, drilled holes through the pages and then clasped them all together.

These pages are all out of order because I can't figure out how to upload pictures correctly.. but this is September. We went to the Kite Festival last year and I thought it would be fun to go again. Last year Adam bought me a sweet Barbie kite, so the admit ticket in the pocket of the page is for one kite on me.

Adam is obsessed with Harry Potter.... I'm not such a big fan, so I thought it would be fun if I got him a prepaid movie card so that we could go to the opening night of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.

June is the camping page... I couldn't think of a fun gift card for this page, so I put a fishing hook in the page instead.

April was the Tulip Festival and you apparently can't pre-purchase tickets for that... so I made us some mix CDs for the drive. It was a very fun date day.... we brought Kona along for the ride too.
This page was a nit of a bust because we decided to postpone our Disneyland trip until June, but oh well! The Disney gift card is preloaded with Disney money and is "Good for Mickey pancakes in Disneyland."

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