Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Hike of the Season

The funny thing about the "Seattle's always rainy" cliche is that it really isn't far at all from the truth. Adam, Kona and I got all geared up on our day off on Wednesday for a nice hike up to Rattle Snake Ridge. When  I woke up at about 9am on Wednesday it was sunny with blue skies and birds chirping.... but, by the time I finished my homework, got dressed, got coffee (and Adam got a smoothie) and we started our 10 minute drive to the base of the mountain... it had started to rain and big, slate grey clouds loomed over head. We decided, in true Seattleite fashion, to begin our hike in spite of the rain.

Because of the thick tree covering, the rain didn't bother us too much. We were pretty damp by the time we were done, but the hike and fresh air was well worth it. 

The hike isn't too tough. It was a good starting point for the year for an asthmatic ha. The top has some amazing views, but we stopped just before the top because it started dumping rain and the ridge up top is probably not the safest place to be when it's slippery. (A little boy fell off and died last year actually... not to deter you from the hike. Just be safe up top and don't let your kids climb around the ledge. YIKES).

This is the misty view from the look out just before the top.

My messy dog! He was loving life on the hike and has been asleep ever since we got home. He has an appointment at his doggy hair salon tomorrow! What a mess a white dog can be! :)

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