Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Board Bunnies!

Yesterday Adam and I took our first trip to the mountain of the season. I was able to get Adam some lift tickets to Crystal online. The site is super easy to use and once you purchase them you can print the tickets out at home. This might be a good gift idea for the ski-bunny on your list. 

Originally, I had planned for Adam and I to head up to Crystal on Saturday, but with a gigantic windstorm and the power blown out... we decided to push it off until Monday. If there is one positive outcome of the Pineapple Express that has been pelting Washington with extreme weather; it is that the mountains are nice and powdery and just begging to be skied! 

I was a bit nervous when we got up to the mountain because I am more of a spring skier... I am not a fan of having icicles dangling from my hair. It wound up being a perfect day though. We bundled up enough to keep warm, packed some turkey sandwiches and spent the day enjoying the mountain (and Adam spent some time waiting on me since he is practically a professional... what a patient guy). 

We are sooo lucky to live in the Northwest where we have such beautiful, snow-covered mountains to enjoy! 

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