Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Count Your Blessings

With all of the disasters taking place around the globe, I think it is important to sit back and appreciate all of the little blessings in our lives.

A few things I am thankful for?

* That my family and the people I love are healthy and safe.
* That I live in a country where I am free to openly believe and worship God.
* That I have a job.
* That I have a wonderful, fun, caring, involved family that looks out for me and supports and encourages me in all that I do.
* That I have Adam in my life. He has taught me how to trust, encourage, love, and have more faith.
* That I have a great church that speaks to my heart.
* That I have THE MOST fun, thoughtful friends in the whole world. An answered prayer.
* That I have a place to call home and a puppy to come home to.
* That I live in such a beautiful state and that I often have the chance to explore and vacation in other areas.
* That I have had the opportunity to pursue my education and have the ability to continue to do so throughout the rest of my life.

Happy Wednesday All. Enjoy the beautiful weather!

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