Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to help....

I know it has been ages since I have blogged, but I wanted to let people know that after the incredible devastation in Haiti, following the 7.0 magnitude earthquake, so many children are orphaned and so many people are homeless, missing, hurting and in desperate, desperate need of water, fuel, first aid and food. We take so many of these basic needs in life for granted here in the United States when we have access to all of that and so much more at the drop of a hat, but in Haiti people are simply looking for clean water and a place to sleep or some help to locate the loved ones that they have lost. A great, safe place to donate is at: anything helps. Even $10 can go so far in such a poor country in such need. Also, I know that King 5 news is collecting camping gear to send to Haiti.... I will double check and get you more info on how you can do this. If you have extra tents, sleeping bags etc... now is not the time to toss but to donate. My prayers are with these families and individuals who can not escape the reality of what has been done to their world.

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